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Everyone Can Sing - Deke Sharon

Everyone Can Sing - Deke Sharon

A cappella guru Deke Sharon is not a fan of people being told they can’t sing. He says not only can everyone sing, but that vocal music has played a major role in history, culture, and communication. In this J.W. Pepper interview Sharon talks about the need for music in education and in society.

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Created by J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc.
Produced by Rocco Richardson, Tom Sabatino & Celena McAfee
Filmed by Rocco Richardson & Frank Guardino
Edited by Rocco Richardson
Additional photos & video provided by Deke Sharon
Deke Sharon still photo: Nina Westervelt
The House Jacks –
Music in video: “Zephaniah” by C3NC –
Interview filmed on location at the 6th & I Synagogue, Washington, D.C. –
Interviewer: Tom Sabatino
Featuring: Deke Sharon