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Alaska Sound Celebration currently is home to a number of wonderful quartets, and we are very proud of them!

Tenor: Michelle Sims
Lead: Tanya Green
Baritone: Felicia Cassel
Bass: Janet Henry
Contact Aurora about your next event! Janet Henry 907-244-9300

Tenor: Leslie Mead
Lead: Amanda Payne
Baritone: Chera Boom
Bass Melodee Risi  

Contact Brilliance! about your next event! Chera Boom 907-351-8638

Tenor: Molly Mylius
Lead: Amanda Boger
Baritone: Melanie Cross
Bass: Christy Hedrick
Contact Rewind about your next event! Christy Hedrick- 907-205-1029

Sweet Chillys

Tenor: Liesl Davenport
Lead: Stacy Miller
Baritone: Cheryl Ekstrom
Bass: Carolyn Ottosen
Contact Sweet Chillys about your next event! Stacy Miller 907-727-2918