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Singing with Straight Tone

Singing with Straight Tone

Hello Beautiful Singers!

The  Music Team has started including specific education topics in our meetings, and we want to share information we gather with you!   Last month and this month we are talking about vibrato.

Now a lot of us are taught that in Barbershop, vibrato is bad bad bad!!  We want to make sure that as singers, we KNOW that we have choices that include vibrato and straight tone (singing without voice movement).  In Barbershop, we do include vibrato in occasional passages as a texture or color, but the reason we try to sing straight tone in this music genre is it allows us to lock and ring chords immediately.  If a voice is oscillating between notes doing vibrato, it's much much harder to ring chords because the notes are changing!

If you Google "singing with straight tone", there are many articles.  I've attached a couple of links from the top of the list, but there is a lot of good information to discuss on airflow, breath management, position of the vocal chords, and as always, the role of posture and relaxation! - great examples of straight tone and vibrato demonstrated. 
(Just a good physiology lesson!)
Happy singing!!