Alaska Sound Celebration Leadership

Alaska Sound Celebration thrives because of the energy and style of the people who have stepped up to lead.  We are proud of the musical knowledge and experience of the women who join our director Peggy Benton, in developing our musical product.


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Melodee Risi - Assistant Director

Living in Alaska is a dream come true for Melodee because she loves snow! Snowballing, sledding, shovelling, snowshoeing - she is never happier than during the winter. Melodee became a Sweet Adeline in 1999, and has proved a huge asset to Alaska Sound Celebration. She became a Certified Director in 2011. Away from her quartet Impromptu and the Chorus, her musical life centers on her church - she has been playing piano in Church since Junior High School. Married with two grown children and one grandson, she loves the outdoor life - camping, hiking and riding ATV's.  Just don't ask her to wear pink - she gets upset at the mere thought of it!



Music Team

Our Music Team is completed by the following:-


Jean Snyder- Tenor Section Leader

Bette Morris - Lead Section LeaderPeg Faithful - Baritone Section Leader

Deb Mason- Bass Section Leader

Chera Boom- Creative Consultant

Stacy Miller- Singout Coordinator

Carol Selkirk- Costume Coordinator

Cindy Hamilton- Showmanship Coordinator

Laura Chase- Delegate




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